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528 (original number)
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Stockton curve. Small. Serrated on both edges and notched for handle.
James A. Barr and Mrs. James A. Barr
Collection place:
CA-SJo-80 (Stockton Channel Mound), Stockton, San Joaquin County
H. H. Barr and James A. Barr
Collection date:
July-August 1897
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Native California (archaeology and ethnology)
length 1.3125 inches
...opposite the coal bunkers and within city limits between Edison and Harrison sts. was excavated to depths of 2-3 1/2'. Several skeletons were found, all with relics. No uniformity as to methods of burial was observable as bodies were found lying to all points of the compass. Many relics were found in sand and ashes not near bodies. During the three weeks specimens #468 to #653 were found. The excavations were carried on from the bank of the channel to the base of the levee." "(The most interesting find made during the three weeks was with the skeleton of an adult, lying on back, head to north. Twenty-eight pieces of black, opaque obsidian (#484-511, inclusive) varying from a thin piece (#484), 3/4" x 1 1/4", to a piece #510, 2" x 3 1/4", were found about 6 inches from the head and towards the west. These 28 pieces were piled together in a cavity apparently hollowed out of the soil just below the level of the head. Thirty-one "Stockton curves" were found (512-542, inclusive) were found distributed in the general form of a semi-circle around the feet. Wampum (543) was near neck and breast." Description taken from field notes. Description on card: "Stockton Curves (including 2 Obsidians beginning of Stockton curves) (Black opaque obsidian. Serrations on outer edge. Notched for handle. Outer edges form a rectangle. Some also made from black translucent obsidian, etc.) General publishing information from card: American Archaeologist, Dec. 1898 (p. 322, #18); The Land of Sunshine for Oct. 1899 (p. 255 #18); Prehistoric Implements (p. 362, fig 395). Published: The American Archaeologist, Dec., 1898 (page 322, fig 14).
S2008-2009 #13b: Department of Anthropology (UC Berkeley)/Darren Modzelewski (June 11, 2009–June 23, 2010)
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