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Basketry. Aberrant shape. Twined with overlay designs including yellow dyed porcupine quills in yellow and brown. Yellow triangles. Tag "Klamath R. tribes att.". Per Ralph Shanks: Twined woman's basket hat, apparently never worn. Crossed warp starting knot with an overlay of maidenhair fern. The warp material is possibly willow. The weft material is conifer root. The weft overlay design has a beargrass background with maidenhair fern and yellow-dyed porcupine quill designs. Starting at the starting knot, there are two weft rows of plain twining followed by 3/4 inch of three strand twining followed by 3/4 inch of plain twining, followed by one weft row of three strand twining. Plain twining continues to the rim where there is one weft row of three strand twining 1/2 inch below the rim. The rim is trimmed but the warps sticks protrude 1/25th of an inch. The main design is a horizontal band with triangles inside and to the top and bottom of the band. The basket has a rightward work direction, with an up to the right slant of weft twist. The workface is on the exterior. The overlay is single-sided, with the design on the exterior. The basket is from Northwestern California, it is not a standard sized basket hat. Based on the U.S. Indian Census Schedules, 1885-1940 Ida Harry, the maker of this hat, was the daughter of Waukell Harry, a Yurok tribal member.
Estate of Daphne Stern
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Crescent City, Del Norte County, California
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California; Del Norte; Crescent City
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Northwestern California tribes
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Ida Harry
Daphne D. Stern
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5.7 Objects made for sale, souvenirs, models, and reproductions
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Made for sale.
Cat. 1: California (archaeology and ethnology)
diameter 21.5 centimeters
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