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Museum number:
Alternate number:
L-251 (original number)
Accession number:
Acc.1107 and Acc.1347
Object count:
Navajo Warriors
Anita Day Symmes Blake and Norman E.A. Hinds
Collection place:
San Francisco, San Francisco County, California
Verbatim coll. place:
Accession #1347 consists of two watercolors by Navajo artists, purchased at World's Fair, San Francisco, California, 1939.
Culture or time period:
Maker or artist:
Quincy Tahoma
Anita Day Symmes Blake
Collection date:
Object type:
Accession date:
1953 and 1960
Cat. 17 - Drawings and Paintings
height 84.5 centimeters and width 66.04 centimeters
Navajo Warriors (Title Subject)
Arizona. Tahoma, Quincy (Tahoma, Water Edge) - Navajo Born: 1921 near Tuba City, Ariz. Died, Nov., 1956, Santa Fe, N.M. While at Indian School in Santa Fe, the artist developed his unique painting style. He was active in sports and set a district track record in 1940. After WWII, he established himself as a full-time artist and shared his studios in the Southwest with artists who are now well-established. Clara Lee Tanner rightly said he was "...one of the most dynamic, imaginative, and gifted of Southwest artists." During most of his life, he experienced misfortune and died at the age of 35. Education: Albuquerque, 1936-40; postgraduate work at Santa Fe. Service: WWII U.S. Armed Forces, overseas. Career: For a short period he worked in Hollywood movie studios, painter. Commissions: Murals - Santa Fe Indian School. Posters - MNM, "Man Becomes an Artist", Laboratory of Anthropology Exhibition. Work Published: Jacobson and D'Ucel (1950); La Farge (1957); Tanner (1957); Dockstader (1961), Encyclopedia Britannica Junior (1946); Arizona Highways (2/50, 7/56); Indian Ceremonial Magazine, ITIC, Gallup, N.M. (1957). Exhibitions: AIW, FWG, JGS, MNM, PAC, PAC/T, SFWF, UNM: Foundation of Western Art, L.A. Calif. (1941); J.W. Young Galleries, Chicago, Ill. Awards: ITIC, NMSF, PAC, two Grand Awards. Collections: Public - AF, CU/LMA, GM, KM, MAI, MNA/KHC, MNM, MRFM, OU, PAC, SM, UPA; Private - Dietrich, A. Forbes, Mullan Thoeny, Vinson, Waters, Wyman. -from "American Indian Painters" by Snodgrass (1968) Museum of American Indian (Herefound [?])
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